Are You a Dog Mom?

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Dog Mom's Relationship With Your Dog

Are your dogs your kids? If the answer is “yes” – there is a good chance that you fit the category of a dog mom or you have been referred to as one at one time or another.

Even if you answer “no”, odds are you know someone who fits the description of “dog mom”, especially if your dog is secretly (or not so secretly) your favorite – then you’re probably a dog mom.

Definition: Dog Mom (dôɡ mäm) noun: An informal and affectionate term for a dog lover that identifies as female and believes that her pets are “fur kids”. While some dog owners may never think of their dogs as their children, dog moms are an entirely different breed. Dog moms don’t just live with a dog, they think of their dogs as members of their immediate cross-species family, nurturing their “fur babies” like they are human crotch goblins.

11 Signs You Might Be a Dog Mom (or Dog Dad)

  1. Your dog has a good side
  2. Your dog eats better than you do
  3. You make your own dog treats
  4. Your dog goes to doggie daycare
  5. You make play dates for your dog
  6. You’ve shown strangers pictures of your dog
  7. Your dog has their own social media account
  8. You give your dog presents
  9. You have conversations with your dog
  10. Your vacation plans involve your dog
  11. You dress your dog up in costumes

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