How to Check the Quality of T-Shirt Materials

Black screen printed cotton material t-shirt

First, consider the fabric used when determining the best quality T-shirt.

The prints look better on cotton-based garments that we use. Also, they age better than synthetic ones. That’s why the items made of blended materials lose their shape and quality faster since each of their components has different expiration dates. But cotton doesn’t necessarily guarantee exceptional quality. You should know that not all kinds of cotton are created equal. True quality is associated with the density and softness of the material, not its weight or thickness. So trust a cotton fabric that is soft and firm at the same time as opposed to a heavy and thick one.

Screen Printing 

Synthetic fabrics like polyester have a bad reputation but they’re not inherently bad. They have their place in the fashion industry and are recognized for having superior elasticity, impermeability, breathability, etc. Which is why we choose to use high quality cotton for screen printed T-shirts. With screen printing, real quality comes from a proper curing process which allows the ink to stretch with the fabric instead of cracking. 

Note: Under-cured ink will tend to stick to itself and peel or fall off entirely in the wash, whereas over-cured ink will most likely crack. We use the most sustainable printing technique available to avoid this.


With embroidery — most commonly used when customizing fleece materials, polo shirts and jackets — it’s all about the needle and pacing. Our T-shirts can be worn for a summer concert, football games, basketball game or festival are lighter and more breathable. 

How to check a Fabric’s Quality:

A good quality t-shirt will feel soft but firm at the same time which means that it is a good quality material. Also, if properly washed, good prints and transfers won’t lose their colors throughout the garment’s lifespan. Prints on the garments should be appealing just like the knits, stitches; hems and seams are done to provide an awesome finish.

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