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How to Check the Quality of T-Shirt Materials

A good quality t-shirt will feel soft but firm at the same time which means that it is a good quality material. Also, if properly washed, good prints and transfers won’t lose their colors throughout the garment’s lifespan. Bring A Personal Touch to Your Next Group Event by Purchasing Your Custom T-Shirt today! RGMJ Brands Apparel Website RGMJ Brands Apparel Social Media LinksTwitter Facebook Youtube Instagram

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Dogs: Our best friends in sickness and in health

Dogs are not just incredibly lovable and often very funny friends whose antics fuel the Internet’s store of memes continuously. Most of all, however, we welcome them into our lives because they instantly bring us the sort of joy and calm that we would otherwise not experience.

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What is a Dog Dad?

  A Dog Dad means someone who works hard so his dogs can have the best quality of life. Sort of like a normal dad but much cooler. Being a dog dad is one of the greatest and rewarding jobs in the world, but dog dads aren’t always recognized for all the things they do for their pups. But surely their dogs recognize it. Dogs know their dog dads will always be there to care for them and pick up their poop on a daily basis. Without a doubt, dogs know their dog dads will always make room for them on the couch, the bed or wherever they are to stretch out. They know their dog dads will always sneak...

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