The Bond Between Pets and Owners

The Bond Between Pets and Owners - RGMJ Brands Apparel

The Unconditional Love of a Pet

Our family has had a number of different pets over the past 30 years, from gold fish, Parana, dogs and even guinea pigs. Through it all, we find that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and their animals. This bond is most evident in the relationship that forms between people and their pets. The type of loves that grows daily, before you know it that pet becomes another member of the family.

Think about how your pets enrich your life through your relationship with them and the activities you do together. We provide them with care and love, and they share their unconditional love with us to brighten our days. We are motivated by the lasting memories of our dear pet friends to continue designing unique artwork that capture the personality of pet owners.  

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