Confessions of a Cat Dad

Confessions of a Cat Dad - RGMJ Brands Apparel

I’m starting to get the impression that a cat love for a person who has the belief that they don’t like cats, or feel they are more of a cat person, has a way of changing that individual’s feeling about the idea of allowing a cat into their personal space. Many use the excuse that they are more of a dog person and could never see themselves devoting time to caring for a feline. A lot can be said for the human heart and the unspoken love of a cat, because cats have a way of displaying an affection that has a way of making a person forget any initial negative thought and feeling regarding cats.

What is Your Cat’s Secret Love Language?

Just like humans, cats have their own love language! However, a cat’s love language is much more subtle and as a cat owner you know the signs. Cats have many ways of communicating their love and affection for us. They also have adorable ways of trying to copy our own forms of communication.  

Why Did Egyptians Love Cats?

Egyptians valued and respected cats, but why did this love begin? There are two main reasons. First, cats were deeply ingrained in the Egyptians’ beliefs and faith. Cat goddesses were worshipped by humans because they believed that these goddesses would bring them fortune and fertility. The second reason is due to what the cats provided.

When the Egyptians would store their produce after a harvest, rodents often ate the crops, which would then be spoiled and useless. Cats prevented this from happening by killing the rodents before they could get to the crops. Cats were crucial in securing food for people, so they were adored by the Egyptians, especially when food was scarce.

Homes that did not have cats already began to leave food out for feral cats to attract them and get them to stay. Soon, nearly every Egyptian household had cats to keep away not only rodents but also snakes, scorpions, and other threats.

From Ancient Cats to Today, Cats Still Change the Hearts and Minds of People

Fast forward to today, cats have become another member of the family. 

Is your cat talkative? Cats don’t usually meow at other cats; instead they rely on visual and smell cues for communication. Cats developed their own way of communicating with humans.

Over time, cats learned that making a vocal sound would result in a human making another vocal sound (them talking to us and us talking back). If this conversation went well, it would result would be the cat getting something they wanted.